Is Your PLR Collecting Digital Dust?

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This is for you if...

You constantly buy PLR but never put it to use. You download it and store it on a folder on your hard-drive and it sits there collecting digital dust.

Why Is This?

  • You just don't know how to get started.
  • There's so much content you feel overwhelmed at figuring out how to customize it.
  • It's much easier to do nothing, other than maybe think about what type of site you could use the content on.
  • You are totally stuck with even the basics of learning how to rewrite one PLR article and make it your own.
  • Things like Wordpress, uploading & editing pages and even adding text to a blank ecover  scare the heck out of you.

Don't Fear You Are Not Alone! Hundreds of PLR Buyer's are in the same boat

Here's a peek at what you are going to discover:

30 Day PLR Challenge

Step by Step Lessons delivered to your inbox each day.

Simple Tasks

Very simple tasks that you can complete in just minutes a day. 

Rewrite Articles

Quick tips on how to rewrite PLR articles.

Social Media Content

Easy ways to create more social content than you will ever need.

Finding Free Content

We show you what to plug into to generate tons of content ideas on a daily basis.

Photo Sources

You don't have to spend a fortune of buying images, we'll tell you where to get great images from at no cost.

We Love Questions

Just email us if you have any questions, we promise to answer quickly.

More Information

We are giving out lots of information and gifts during the challenge.

Facebook Group

Not required but you can join our Facebook group and ask questions if you wish to.

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